Shamanic Sound Flutes are Native American Style Flutes which I make in my workshop in Woodhatch UK. They are easy to play end-blown flutes with a cylindrical bore. These flutes have a beautiful mellow sound and are commonly known as Love Flutes. As the name suggests, Love Flutes were played in courting rituals - by young Native American men serenading their intended bride.



I make these flutes in the keys of E,F,F#,G,G# and A. The woods I use are Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir with a Sepele bird block. These are 5 hole flutes which play the pentatonic minor scale.
*All flutes are tuned to concert pitch
*Finished to a high standard
*Note chart supplied with each flute
*Free postage and packing with all flutes (UK only)
*£75 GBP each

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